We reserve the right to merge the program based on the
number of children enrolled

We believe, the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow!

Military Style Finishing School for teenagers at D.A.T.A. Academy is designed to train the youth of today to face hostage situations, panic situations and hand grenade attacks while also getting special Military style uniforms, training kits and accessories!

This program grooms participants for the real world that they are about to step into, in an exciting, fun-filled way.

D.A.T.A.'s Military Style Finishing School for Teenagers is a comprehensive course devised to equip today's generation with skills that will make them a dynamic stakeholder of the future. The modules do not focus on physical strength and fitness but on one's mental ability to grasp knowledge for overall development, including different collegiate disciplines such as; Real Life & Jungle Survival Techniques to Stress Management, Etiquettes, Grooming and Air Rifle Shooting. The program begins with a focus on mastering fundamentals and then moving to higher order skills.

Our Programs

-Includes accomodation. Dates can be altered for group bookings-

The Basic Programme 2 Night / 3 Days

Rs 19,999/ plus taxes


  • Situational Awareness & Handling Panic Situations
  • Mental Conditioning & Obstacle Course
  • Survival & Self Defence
  • Surviving Natural Disasters & Fire
  • Hell Night
    Understanding the Night Sky, Night Navigation, Overcoming Fear of the Dark & Unknown
  • Fire Walk
  • Riding, Swimming, Cycling
  • Mocktail making
  • Bonfire
  • Marination & Barbeque preparation
  • Yoga Session
  • Ambassador Skills
  • Dog Buddies


We reserve the right to merge the program based on the number of children enrolled.

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ADVANCE PROGRAM 5 Night / 6 Days

Rs 49,999/ plus taxes


  • Situational Awareness & Handling Panic
  • Real Life Survival
    Countering Mugging, Kid-napping & Carjacking. Surviving Stampede & Riots
  • Counter Terror Actions
    Grenade Attack, Active Shooter - Run & Hide, Hostage Situa-tion etc.
  • Weapons including
    Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Aggression Skills
  • Jungle Survival Skills
    Distress Signal, Rope Skills, Knife Skills, Foraging For Food, Knowledge of Reptiles & Snakes
  • Hell Night
    Star Navigation, Overcoming fear of Darkness & Unknown, Jungle Cooking
  • Watermanship
    Lake swimming, Floatation techniques, Vehicle Sinking
  • Self Defence & Unarmed Combat to include ‘ KATA’
  • Power Yoga
  • Rappelling & Basic Mountaineering
  • Military Style First Aid
  • Horses & Dog Buddies
    Riding, Grooming, Handling dogs
  • Hospitality
    Mocktail Making, Marination, Barbeque & Grilling, Hangi Cooking, Breakfast Making
  • Ambassador Skills
    Personal Grooming - Spa, Etiquettes, Speaking Skills, Presentation Skills Media managemen & Cyber bullying Table Manners & Etiquettes Sit Down Dinners
  • Housekeeping
  • Glimpses of Della Adventure Park

Day at Della Adventure Park

  • Know Your Turf & Team
  • Introduction to Dog Breeds
  • Della Knockout
  • Archery
  • Rocket Ejector
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Landzorb
  • Longest Flying Fox


We reserve the right to merge the program based on the number of children enrolled.

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  • Benefits
  • Salient Features
  • kit list


How will you benefit from us?

  • Overcoming Fears - Learn to face any challenge!
  • Personality Development - Learn new skills and develop your personality!
  • Enhanced Self Confidence - Boost your confidence to the highest limit!
  • Instil Discipline - Learn the right etiquette and manners
  • Passion For the Country - Ignite spirit for your country
  • Ethics and Ethos - Imbibe the right ethics!
  • Survival Skills - Urban, wild, water - No matter where you are, you’ll know how to survive!
  • Endurance - Learn to increase your tolerance for any situation that comes your way
  • Improving Interpersonal relationships - Learn how to communicate with your peers and loved ones so that there are never any misunderstandings!
  • Ambassadorial Skills - Learn how to take responsibility!
  • Basic Culinary Skills - Bring your inner chef out!

Salient Features

Salient Features of the Military Style Finishing School:

  • The training program modules are administered and instructed by a team of Ex Special Ops Colonels, NSG Black Cat and Marcos Commandos who mentor individuals with their rich and varied experience serving the country
  • Participants are provided with full military style outfits during the course of the program, instilling a sense of pride and patriotism amongst individuals
  • On successful completion of the course, participants will receive a D.A.T.A. certificate


Col. V.G. Pande - Group Commander
  • Veteran with 30 years of experience
  • Black Cat Commando (NSG)
  • Extensive Counter Insurgency Experience
  • Part of United Nations Mission Congo
Col. Milind Patwardhan - Deputy Group Commander
  • Veteran with 26 years Experience
  • Has rich combat experience of Counter Terrorism Operations.
  • Taken part in more than a dozen encounters in J & K Valley
Capt. Fajru Khan - Squadron Commander
  • Veteran with 28 years Experience
  • A Weapons and Tactics Specialist
  • Instructor of Young Officers of Army
Subedar Ramakant Chaudhari – Squadron Commander
  • Para Commando
  • Specialist in High Altitude & Jungle
  • Demolition Expert and Sky Marshal
Cdo. Vikram Pujala – Squadron Commando
  • One of the 1st Batch of 8 Marcos respondants at the 26/11 Taj attacks
  • Operational experience at Sea and Counter Insurgency
  • A Black Belt
Havildar Rafik Shaikh - Security Officer
  • Paratrooper from Mechanised Infantry
  • Counter Insurgency Experience in the East
  • Ace Shooter
Ms. Sultana Shaikh - Trainer
  • Expert Mountaineer with many expeditions
  • Outdoor Activity Trainer
Pravin Athavle – Senior Instructor
  • Well versed with Local terrain
  • Good knowledge of local customs, flaura & fauna
Arshad Shaikh - Senior Instructor
  • Black belt in Taekwondo
  • Self Defence techniques expert
Devesh Kelkar – Senior Instructor
  • C’ Certificate holder of the NCC
  • Qualified in Disaster Management & Urban rescue operations.

kit list

The Following Kit would be issued to all the participants at the campsite:


Professional tactical cotton T-shirt in sizes ranging from 36” to 46”


A 30l multi pocket backpack with thick foam straps for carrying the survival kit while trekking.


Professional tactical cotton trousers in sizes ranging from 30” to 46”


Cotton Webbing with adjustable waist in Olive Green color.


Walking boots with good ankle support in sizes ranging from 5 to 10.


Torch for distant and wide visibility while trekking in the wild.


Light weight cotton socks for comfort.


Knife to make you jungle ready for survival situation.


Free size military camouflage cap.


Flexible foam handle hiking pole with adjustable strap for trekking on the hilly terrain in the jungle.