Plan a luxurious outing with fun activities at one
of the best resorts for the family!

Family Leisure

Luxurious stays, thrilling activities, family bonding and a spirit of togetherness are all integral ingredients that constitute the perfect family holiday. Resorts near Mumbai for family and near Pune for get togethers and other activities are plenty but a stay at D.A.T.A. Resort promises all of this and more. It’s the perfect fusion of excitement and fun! Say goodbye to the monotony of city life and hello to ‘fantastically friendly family fun’ by giving your family and friends a memorable break to remember.

What Makes D.A.T.A. Unique?

Make the most of every moment and let us look after you.

At D.A.T.A., there can be no shortage of fun and entertainment to be enjoyed during your well deserved break from reality.

We offer shared thrills for your family and friends, consisting of uniquely crafted fun and exciting training activities, perfect to reconnect and reinforce the family bond. These activities provide a mix that has something for every member of your family, meaning there’s fun for everyone!

With a fun-packed programme from dawn ‘until dusk, our programs are fantastic for the whole family to share a wide range of activities, no matter how diverse your interests!

You don’t need any experience or to be super fit, it’s just about great family fun.

Family training programs and packages

Guests can do following activities at DATA
if they are staying for 1- 2 Days

Our curated and bespoke family packages and experiences are developed so that each member of your family and friend circle will find something to do while they relax and take in the natural beauty at D.A.T.A. Resort. Take a dip in the pool, go for a soothing massage, take a relaxing walk by the river or indulge in an adventurous track deep into the jungle. Ride our beautiful horses, walk our majestic canines or cycle aimlessly across the path less taken. All these activities provide a mix of pleasure that has something for every member of your family, meaning there’s fun for everyone!

We offer a fun and happy itinerary which has programmes from dawn to dusk for the whole family, no matter how diverse your interests and your hobbies. Also, you don’t need to be super fit to enjoy any of these activities. Just super eager to have a great time in one of the best resorts in Lonavala.

Mini Hell Night

One of our most sought after programs, this program covers the following activities

  • Sending out Distress Signals
  • Navigation with the help of stars
  • Lighting Fire and introduction to Jungle Cooking
  • Knowledge on wild animals, identifying types of plants, animals which can be harmful
  • Military style first aid & carrying technique

Time 2 hours

₹ 2000/- per pax + taxes.
Overnight Family getaway

Comprehensive program for families

  • Mental conditioning techniques, obstacle courses
  • Self Defence techniques and survival skills
  • Includes nature walk, hell night

1N 2D (6-7 hr) Program

₹ 5000/- per pax + taxes.
Military Style Finishing School For Youth
  • Situational awareness & handling panic
  • Jungle survival skills
  • Real life survival
  • Hell night
  • Counter terror actions
  • Watermanship
  • Weapons including improvised explosive devices
  • Self defense & unarmed combat to include ‘KATA’