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Jimmy Mistry

Jimmy Mistry

Founder & CMD
Della Adventure & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.

Iconic Designer, Hotelier, Adventurer, Community Builder and Real Estate developer, Jimmy Mistry is a renowned master designer and interior artist who conceives interior designs and creates ultra-luxury and iconic lifestyle projects across homes, offices, and hotels.

His latest venture, Della Luxury Products, is a disruptor, creating India's 1st D2C (Direct to Consumer) Luxury Interior brand, designing, and manufacturing more than 2500 Luxury Interior Products. He firmly believes in Atmanirbhar Bharat and that India is now at the forefront of building a truly iconic Global Luxury Interior Brand.

Jimmy's exacting attitude towards design is mirrored in his Deep-rooted belief in craftsmanship. He firmly believes that Mastering and Understanding the Build Behind Any Design is integral and that one cannot exist without the other. His ability to transform the Mundane and the Ordinary into the Extraordinary makes him a force to reckon with and one of the most unique voices in design today.

He has been recognized as "One of the 50 Most Impactful Green Leaders 2017", was bestowed with the "National Best Employer Brand 2018" and "Excellence in Architecture and Design 2019."

Jimmy's visionary approach to Experiential Hospitality has redefined luxury experiences, as evident in the recent "Trip Advisor's Best of Best 2023 Award," an honour given to 1% Of the World's Hotels & The Only One to receive In India. This prestigious honour, bestowed upon his “Military Themed Resort" DATA by Della Resorts, is a testament to his exceptional achievements.

His remarkable ability to conceptualize and execute unique themes, showcased in Della Resorts, Adventure Park, and Della Villas, has set a benchmark for the Hospitality and Real Estate industry.

Beyond design, Jimmy's entrepreneurial spirit shines. He has been credited by Forbes New York in 2022 as being the Founder and Innovator Of The World's First Business Platform, Della Leaders Club (DLC), fostering a Global Community Of Entrepreneurs headquartered in New York with chapters present in 7 countries & 17 cities worldwide.

As a first-generation serial entrepreneur, he commenced his journey at the age of 19, culminating in the establishment of 6 thriving businesses with a career spanning 3 decades. From Della Resorts to Della Adventure Park, Della Villas to Della D.A.T.A., and Della Luxury Products to the ground-breaking Della Leaders Club (DLC); employing more than 2500 employees, his leadership exemplifies innovation and success.

As a Social Entrepreneur, he founded an NGO Parsee Resource Group (PRG) 15 years ago, also served as an elected trustee on the board of Bombay Parsee Panchayat (BPP), the oldest registered trust in India. He has set up Della Foundation, adopted Z.P school in Lonavala, impacting over 220 underprivileged children's lives. He is also a strong animal welfare advocate and an ardent dog lover. At Della Adventure, he has created a centre to adopt rescues that relentlessly work towards bringing dogs closer to humans.

In 2014, another accolade to Jimmy's leadership and business acumen came by when prestigious New York (NYU Stern School of Business) Final Year MBA students conducted a case study on how Della Resorts impacts local communities in Lonavala.

“Success Can Be Only Measured By The Number Of
Human Lives One has Touched Positively”.

Awards and Achievements

  • Nominated for the 6th Ernst & Young entrepreneur
    of the year
  • FOAID Excellence in Archite cture & Design
  • VMRD Retail Design Award
  • IIID Young Design Practise Award
  • Young Achiever award by the Indo-American Society and many more


Jimmy Mistry
Founder, Chairman & MD
Della Adventure & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.

“I dedicate D.A.T.A. - Della Adventure Training Academy, to the memory of every single innocent life taken by the terrorists.”