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D.A.T.A. Resorts (Della Adventure Training Academy) is India’s first private Counter terrorism training Academy for corporates & families and India’s first Military Style Finishing school for teenagers. D.A.T.A. Resorts is brought to you by designer, hotelier, entrepreneur and adventurer Jimmy Mistry.

The academy is designed and conceived to train civilians with the necessary self-preservation and survival skills and techniques needed to endure and survive a potentially fatal situation, all from within the environment of the most pristine and serene Military Style resort which sets luxury standards even in the wilderness.

D.A.T.A. Resorts imparts training modules to civilians like Counter terrorism, jungle survival and real life survival techniques to equip them with the much needed survival edge in a potentially hostile situation. At D.A.T.A. Resorts you will experience heightened awareness, improved self-confidence, sharper instincts and better understanding of your surroundings

Over the last 8 years Della Adventure & Resorts has been a celebrated destination for corporate outbound and events for over 850 of the India’s top corporates. We are taking our rich experience in adventure and outdoor luxury hospitality to the next level as we launch D.A.T.A. Resorts - Della Adventure Training Academy.

This makes D.A.T.A. Resorts an incredible amalgamation of the highest safety standards devised from years of smooth and safe functioning from Della Adventure Park and of course the much vaunted and appreciated luxury that Della Resorts is lauded for. And when luxury hospitality is just around the corner, can world class, palette tingling food be far behind? D.A.T.A. Resorts is equipped, true to its glamping status with a Café and the finest in room dining facilities coupled with some rustic campfire barbecues and traditional Hangi cooking methods developed all the way from the Maoris of New Zealand. D.A.T.A. Resorts will train civilians seeking to learn as long as the intentions are good and love the country as we at D.A.T.A. Resorts love our country and many of the commanders have done several combat tours to protect it!