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Knowledge is power, and we want to empower women to feel safe and confident no matter where they go.

We unfortunately still live in a society where women are victimised, targeted, and harassed in multiple ways on a daily basis. Every year, thousands of women in the country suffer similar fates where they are either woefully unequipped or then outnumbered to be able to even defend themselves. In many cases, women are targeted simply because the attacker believes women present an easy target and won't fight back. Our programs will teach you on how to limit your risks while also enabling you to know what to do if you are attacked.

The women’s survival programs are designed to train anyone with no experience and make them ready to survive dangerous situations.You will learn enough to provide for your very basic survival necessities to ensure that you get home safe and sound! Guaranteed!


Our handpicked team of Ex-NSG Black Cat and Marcos Commandos will train women with practical and survival techniques to be used in the event of an attack as well as self-defence and anti-kidnapping and anti-rape tactics scenarios. These realistic survival scenarios will not only offer practical survival skills, but also teach you situational awareness. Through an army style obstacle course we make you mentally stronger to face any hostile situations without panic. You will also learn the traditional Hangi form of cooking from our Executive Chef and to make heady cocktails from our expert bartenders. The course is designed for women of all ages and fitness levels and is full of must have skills to ensure that you need to survive drastic situations. The end of each days training is followed by recreational activities such as a bon-fire, games, air tattoos night, Karaoke, dance and much more to keep up the fun quotient.


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