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Develop a strong sense of ambition and achievement, while developing grit, resilience and a determination to succeed.

The training programs at D.A.T.A. Resort for Teenagers are specifically devised to equip today's generation with the necessary skills and mind sets that help mould them into becoming dynamic stakeholders of tomorrow. As always the training do not focus on physical strength and fitness but on harnessing and sharpening mental abilities needed to grasp knowledge for overall development and eventual progress.

Always watched the army and military in the movies and been fascinated? India’s only Military Style Finishing School will enable you to face challenges of the modern world while training you in an army style camp deep in the jungle.


The teenager specific training programs at D.A.T.A. Resort prepare our teenagers of today for a multitude of things from different collegiate disciplines such as Ambassadorial Skills, Grooming, and Management skills, Health & Wellness, Narcotic awareness, Digital Presence and all these courses are imparted by renowned industry experts.

Unlike any other finishing school, the teenagers also have the wonderful opportunity to learn counter terrorism, jungle survival and real life scenarios from our team of Ex-NSG Black Cat and Marcos Commandos. The program begins with focus on mastering fundamentals and then moving to higher order skills. The end of each days training is followed by recreational activities such as a bon-fire, games, air tattoos night, Karaoke, dance and much more to keep up the fun quotient.


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