Learning Leadership Military Way

Learning Leadership
Military Way

Leadership is a mindset, a set of behaviors, and a set of actions that can be carried out by individuals at all levels of an organization each and every day. Whether you are leading a group, mentoring an associate, or dealing with clients, all of these situations require leadership skills, and mastering these skills will help you become more effective in your respective role.

At D.A.T.A Resort, with our Learning Leadership The Military Way program, you can maximize individual, team, and organizational potential through effective leadership skills training in areas like team building, strategic planning, decision making and more.

This is made possible due to our unique blend of military-style training activities and leadership training, taught by our team of Ex Black Cat and Marcos Commandos. Transform into leaders who inspire, energize and innovate to meet tomorrow’s challenges, and adapt the skills that propel you to the next level of success.

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Duration: 2 days

Training Includes Accommodation

  • Benefits
  • Salient Features
  • kit list



  • Active Shooter : Run & Hide
  • Distress Signals & Rope Skills
  • Fire & Smoke incidents
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Fire Walk
  • Hell Night


  • Obstacles Course
  • Aggression & Fight
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Rock Climbing
  • Watermanship Training


The specialized training modules will not only impart knowledge & survival training but help build the confidence in decision-making and improve muscle memory. At D.A.T.A. you will experience heightened awareness, improved self-confidence, sharper instincts and better understanding of your surroundings.

Benefits of doing this course

  • Training Module
  • Pick up and Drop from Della Resort to D.A.T.A.
  • Training Kit
  • *Uniform
  • *Military Boots
  • Buffet Lunch at Salaam Manekshaw Restaurant
  • High Tea at Gurkha Lounge
  • Buffet Dinner at Maratha Banquet

*Uniform and Military boots will be given on returnable basis

Salient Features

Salient Features of the Counter Terrorism training program:

  • The training program modules are administered and instructed by a team of Ex Special Ops Colonels, NSG Black Cat and Marcos Commandos who mentor individuals with their rich and varied experience serving the country
  • Participants are provided with full military style outfits during the course of the program, instilling a sense of pride and patriotism amongst individuals
  • Corporates are trained in survival skills and are trained in various modules such as handling panic situations, surviving a hand grenade attack, administering first aid for wounds and how to handle active shooters and anti-social elements by our expert personnel.
  • On successful completion of the course, participants will receive a D.A.T.A. certificate


Col. V.G. Pande - Group Commander
  • Veteran with 30 years of experience
  • Black Cat Commando (NSG)
  • Extensive Counter Insurgency Experience
  • Part of United Nations Mission Congo
Col. Milind Patwardhan - Deputy Group Commander
  • Veteran with 26 years Experience
  • Has rich combat experience of Counter Terrorism Operations.
  • Taken part in more than a dozen encounters in J & K Valley
Hon. Sub Maj. Khurshed Hussain - Subedar
  • Served 28 years in the elite Maratha Light infantry in the J&K
  • Immense Experience in Active Counter insurgency operations
Cdo. Vikram Pujala - Marcos Commando
  • One of the 1st 8 Marcos respondants at the 26/11 Taj attacks
  • Operational experience at Sea and Counter Insurgency
  • A Black Belt
Capt. Fajru Khan - Squadron Commander
  • Veteran with 28 years Experience
  • A Weapons and Tactics Specialist
  • Instructor of Young Officers of Army
Ms. Sultana Shaikh - Trainer
  • Expert Mountaineer with many expeditions
  • Outdoor Activity Trainer

kit list

The Following Kit would be issued to all the participants at the campsite:


Professional tactical cotton T-shirt in sizes ranging from 36” to 46”


A 30l multi pocket backpack with thick foam straps for carrying the survival kit while trekking.


Professional tactical cotton trousers in sizes ranging from 30” to 46”


Cotton Webbing with adjustable waist in Olive Green color.


Walking boots with good ankle support in sizes ranging from 5 to 10.


Torch for distant and wide visibility while trekking in the wild.


Light weight cotton socks for comfort.


Knife to make you jungle ready for survival situation.


Free size military camouflage cap.


Flexible foam handle hiking pole with adjustable strap for trekking on the hilly terrain in the jungle.

Stay at D.A.T.A.

Stay at D.A.T.A.